Polywood Studios is an animation training course which I founded and set up 4 years ago along with business partner Alan Lewis. It's based on the principle that you can learn Maya easily given the right training. Four characters were designed around a specific criteria to create four projects which get the user up to speed as efficiently as possible with industry shortcuts along the way. Between us and our small team we built the tutorials and managed the build of the website, original viewer and database. Our customer feedback is extremely positive! I can hardly quantify the information that I have gained about business and the web as it is so extensive, and it has all been extremely useful for my time and project management skills. The training is available on a private basis so please email me if you are interested in one-to-one or corporate training for Maya.
Polywood Studios Preview Video

This was created to give an overview of the training. Uniquely Polywood takes a character through the entire pipeline so users understand the essentials of how it all fits together, and the reasons why we do certain things at certain stages. Simple!

Project 01 Frankenbunny

The Frankenbunny is the simplest of the Polywood character projects. This grotesque, yet strangely cuddly abomination is the horrendous result of a 'mix-up' in the old animal testing laboratory

Project 02 Radical Tuna

Our free-thinking tuna is one of the many exiles in Polywood seeking political asylum in the dark territorial waters of the republic. He's designed to dart and dash from one hiding place to another as he attempts to avoid becoming catch of the day.

Project 03 Monkey Doo

Our monkey is always on the lookout for something to steal. As monkeys do. He's got arms and legs and a tail and can make some basic monkey noises. A perfect introduction to bipedal motion, building on all the skills gained in the previous character projects.

Project 04 Mimi

This little girl was born on the wrong side of the tracks. She can walk, she can definitely talk and has a broad set of facial expressions. From cute to psycho in the blink of an eye! Mimi represents a benchmark standard for an entry-level animation job. Ideal for working in a team.